Our company culture is created by the self-motivated, committed professionals who work here. With a core focus on values such as meritocracy, continuous learning, passion and teamwork; we ensure the win-win partnership for our employees and clients alike.



At Motilal Oswal, Knowledge First is the philosophy we follow and it reflects not only in our products & research, but also in the kind of environment we create for employees. We provide constant learning programs across levels, one-to-one sessions with business heads & leaders and knowledge sessions with CEO’s and thought leaders across industries. In addition, our library acts as a repository of knowledge enhancement with books ranging from management to personal enrichment.


At Motilal Oswal, we create multiple avenues for employees’ development, enriching them both professionally & personally. Our training programs range from product, processes, grooming and a host of other important topics that give you the right nourishment for your all-round development. Also, our IJP program helps you explore functions to work within the organization, based on your interest and acumen.

Open Culture

At Motilal Oswal, all our business leaders, including our MD & CEO are hands-on and accessible for any guidance or solutions required. Candid chats, ideation sessions, one-on-one sessions with function heads ensure proper exchange of ideas & knowledge in the organization.

Rewards & Recognition

In addition to the compensation provided to employees, we have a host of rewards for our employees, encouraging them to succeed. Programs like Heritage Club, Associate of the Year awards and a host of other recognition ensure we are always giving our employees their due.


At Motilal Oswal, we believe in maintaining a work-life balance for all our employees. Our engagement initiatives are designed to make the working environment more fun through a host of activities.
We also give employees an opportunity to contribute to society through various CSR & social activities. We provide an environment for teams to bond over at work and off work too.