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Motilal Oswal Financial Services Limited organises ‘Compounding Contributors’ to celebrate the Contribution of its Employees

Mumbai 05-May-2022

Motilal Oswal Financial Services Limited Organises


to celebrate the Contribution of its Employees



Mumbai, 04 May 2022: Motilal Oswal FinancialServices Ltd. (MOFSL) organised an event to appreciate, recognise, celebrateand felicitate employees who have completed 10 years and above in theorganisation. The event, ‘Compounding Contributors’, was held toappreciate the efforts and the contributions made by all these employees overthe years which have yielded compounding returns of growth of the organisation.At the event, MOFSL recognised the contribution of 240+ employees acrossbusinesses and designations ranging from lowest to top management.  


The Compounding Contributors initiative started withthe organization recognising employees at the Foundation Day held in July 2021.On the Foundation Day, Mr. Oswal made a special mention and appreciated thecontribution made by associates who had completed 10+yrs at MOFSL.


The partial lockdown in that period did not allowMOFSL to do any physical events immediately; However as part of thecelebrations, the names and photos of these ‘compounding contributors’published on MOFSL’s social media, appreciating their contribution.


To take the initiative forward, each compoundingcontributor i.e. who had completed 10+yrs in MOFSL received a specialrecognition at workplace with a placard mentioning the years spent @ MOFSL ie.Those with 20yrs+ received “20 Years & Counting”, 15 – 20 yrs received “15Years & Counting” and those with 10 yrs+ received “10 Years &Counting”. These placards are placed at their workstations which makes theirworkstations stand out from the rest and provides them a special recognition atwork.


The company has also created a dedicated “Wall ofFame” to recognise these compounding contributors. This wall is created atthe entrance of the cafeteria so that every employee going there for food cansee the wall. The dynamic digital wall shows names, photos, caricatures ofcompounding contributors with their years of association with the organisation.


Now as the employees have returns to office now, thecompany arranged an event to recognise all the compounding contributors withtheir families.


The event began with the employees and theirfamilies receiving a personalised event invite consisting of a photo frame withtheir personalised caricature, along with an invitation to the employee andtheir family members for the event. These invitations were sent to all associatesacross the country who have completed 10 years and above with the organisation.All travel and stay arrangements were made for the outstation employees andfamilies for the event.


The evening included a felicitation ceremony, where eachemployee along with his or her family was invited on the stage and presentedwith a Gold Coin. These were personalised Gold coins embossed with theemployee’s name on it. The weight of these coins for each employee was decidedas per the tenure spent at the organization. Employees who have completed 20years in the organisation received a Gold Coin of 20 grams. Those who haveserved 15-20 years received a Gold Coin of 15 grams. Finally, those employeeswho have completed 10-15 years received a Gold Coin of 10 grams.


In his thanksgiving speech at the event, MrMotilal Oswal, MD and CEO of MOFSL said, “We truly appreciate the efforts of all the employees that have been apart of this organisation for a decade and more. We honour the stories of thehard work and dedication that have been put in by everyone. It is indeed a pleasureto recount the memories of how it all began with just 3 employees and how theorganisation has grown over time, boasting of a 10,000+ employee strength.”


In his thanksgiving speech Mr Raamdeo Agrawal,Chairman and Co-Founder said, “We couldn’tbe prouder to celebrate the contributions of our employees in helping thisorganisation to grow. We sincerely hope that each employee with their familytruly celebrates this achievement, as it is through their contributions that theorganisation has continued to and will continue to grow.”


The event also saw some entertainment by SiddharthKannan anchoring the event. Everyone could listen to some serious and somefunny stories from the families of facilitated employees.


The event was a success, the evening was made morememorable as the employees, and their families got a chance to interact with MrMotilal Oswal, Mr Raamdeo Agrawal, all the business CEOs and Heads ofDepartments.



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