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At Motilal Oswal, we strive hard to connect with our customers beyond transactions and help them achieve their personal goals. What makes this approach possible is a set of robust technologies through which our customers can not only transact conveniently from various platforms, but also have easy access to all our products & services. They are now better equipped to get in touch with us.


  • Speed One of the fastest trade execution platform that provides faster transaction times across various services. Payouts are processed within 15 minutes.
  • Accuracy High Data Accuracy across various touch points.
  • Reliability High uptime of various services across all lines of business.Timely execution of all processes to ensure information reaches the customers as required.
  • Convenience Easy access to applications and services on your mobile along with the internet.
  • Knowledge First Research Reports are available on the Internet.
  • Access Secured access to all information.
  • Security Tie-up with the best service providers to ensure highest grades of information security protection.Complete compliance with various regulatory bodies.