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At Motilal Oswal, we have always made the best use of technology for employee engagement and efficiency measurement, making it easier to communicate and collaborate. We focus on enabling technology for training & development and thereby, providing an enriching and fulfilling employment.


  • Speed One of the fastest trade execution platform that provides faster transaction times across various services. Payouts are processed within 15 minutes.
  • Accuracy High Data Accuracy across various touch points.
  • Reliability High uptime of various services across all lines of business.Timely execution of all processes to ensure information reaches the customers as required.
  • Convenience Easy access to applications and services on your mobile along with the internet.
  • Knowledge First Research Reports are available on the Internet.
  • Access Secured access to all information.
  • Security Tie-up with the best service providers to ensure highest grades of information security protection.Complete compliance with various regulatory bodies.