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Motilal Oswal Financial Services Ltd launches EDUMO an investor education initiative

Mumbai 11-Aug-2020

With a rise in online investing, MOFSL has revamped their websiteand investor app for improved user interface-


Mumbai, 11 Aug 2020MotilalOswal Financial Services Ltd (MOFSL) launches EDUMO, a series of educational and insightful videos on financialmarkets, investing and online share trading aimed at a variety of audience; novice,intermediate and expert investors and traders. This comes along with a 360degree revamp of their website and Investor app in a bid to better enableusers.


With over 30 years of equityexpertise and an ever-expanding base of more than 12 lac clients, MOFSL hasscaled a new peak in digitising investing and trading in India. With its newlyupgraded financial fitness platform MO Investor all set to go live, the brokinghouse is set to bring about radical innovation in the broking industry with itsnew updates and features.


Being one of top 10 brokers, toprovide a fast and seamless facility to open Demat Account, MOFSL has nowintroduced the feature of Simplified Investment Process as well.Adventurous and self-assured clients will now find it easy to trade or investin share market in just a few clicks. For more prudent and disciplinedinvestors, there is the welcome alternative of Readymade Mutual FundPortfolios, comprising available top mutual schemes in the market.


Investors, interested in subscribingfor any upcoming IPO, can now do so quickly through any of the specificUPI-enabled payment Apps.  Akin tosystematic investments in mutual fund schemes, the StockSIP Feature will help prudent and balanced investors invest in equity sharesin a disciplined way without excessive exposure to market uncertainty.


On the occasion of launch of EDUMO,Arun Chaudhry, Head of Products, Broking & Distribution, Motilal OswalFinancial Services said, “It gives usimmense pride to announce the launch of the refreshed Mobile Application,Website and Web trading Portal. The core philosophy behind this rebuild was togive our customers & prospective customers better experience in the form ofsimplified yet very powerful information in one go. With this new launch wehave stepped up the experience by introducing well thought of innovations tohelp customers in their investment journey; few notable ones beingThematic/Curated MF Portfolios, Investing in the US Stock markets, informativestock information, smoother yet aided execution capabilities. To give investor abetter perspective we have made sure that the platforms are very close to theneed of the customer by bringing out the important information at the time &place when it is critical. This elevates the customer experience when he/she isable to make the investment decisions through our association. At MotilalOswal, continuous learning is a way of life and continuing with this tradition,we are also launching ‘EDUMO’; a range of crisp videos for exclusively for ourclients to learn more on equity markets and cover all topics from basics toadvanced trading. We always encourage our clients to be better informed aboutthe environment where the money is invested and we’re confident that this wouldgo a long way in their investment journey


MO Investor has now also beenupgraded with some value-added features designed exclusively to help tech-savvytraders grab the opportunities at the right time. The Customizable Multi-Asset Watch List, for instance, will helptraders track and monitor favourite stocks and asset classes so that quick andwell-informed decisions can be taken in the nick of time. There are also dynamic stock filters, rotatable charts,Simplified Trading Reports and anoption to Set Price Alerts for everynew order placed that will be of indispensable use to traders and investorsalike.


AboutMotilal Oswal Financial Services Limited


Motilal Oswal Financial Services Ltd.  (MOFSL) isa diversified financial services company. Its offerings include capital marketsbusinesses (Retail broking, Institutional broking & Investment banking),Asset & Wealth Management (Asset Management, Private Equity & WealthManagement), Housing Finance & Equity based treasury investments.


MOFSL’s core purpose is to be well respected andpreferred global financial services organization enabling wealth creation forcustomers. Research is the solid foundation and the investment advisory atMotilal Oswal Financial Services is based on the research. MOFSL’s research hasreceived wide media coverage and consistently won awards, showcasing company''sstrong research capabilities. This includes being awarded ''''''''Best PerformingNational Financial Advisor -Equity Broker'''''''''''''''' for six years at the UTI-CNBCTV18 Financial Advisor Awards, Moneycontrol Wealth Creator Award –Best BrokingBusiness Of The Year-2018. MOFSL won “Broking House of the year” at MCXawards2019.


MOFSL’s core purpose is to be a respected andpreferred global financial services organization enabling wealth creation forits customers.


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