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Motilal Oswal Foundation aims to transform schools for tribal children in Wada, Palghar

Mumbai 06-Jun-2023

Motilal Oswal Foundation aims to transform schools for tribal children in Wada, Palghar

The latest film by foundation shows the revival of The New English School and changing the lives of girls like Ekta (LINK of Video)

Mumbai, 05 June 2023: Motilal Oswal Foundation Revives The New English School and Empowers Wada's Underprivileged and tribal Communities. 

The culture of giving back to society is deeply embedded in Motilal Oswal Group since its inception. From education to helping social causes, we have always tried to give our due to society. To formalize these social initiatives, we decided to go a step further and Motilal Oswal Foundation was formed in 2011. The Foundation is driven by our motto of 'Knowledge First‘. The Foundation believes that education can bring prosperity and equality in the society. 

Mrs. Suneeta Agrawal is leading the Foundation as its Chairperson. It is her dream to create an educational model wherein underprivileged children will receive quality education, opportunity and constant guidance right from class 1 till they successfully reach their career paths. To achieve our vision we have initiated projects for comprehensive development of children from marginalized communities. With our programs we are able to imbibe in children a strong sense of self-esteem, confidence in their capabilities and a thirst to learn new things.

Palghar, according to the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD), faces a disheartening reality with the highest student dropout rate among the five districts in Maharashtra. The socioeconomic status of parents often renders them unable to bear the expenses associated with education. Alarming research findings revealed that a majority of the dropouts belonged to families with an annual income below one lakh rupees. Furthermore, financial constraints have resulted in families prioritizing the education of male children over their female counterparts. Therefore, Motilal Oswal Foundation choose to work in Wada, a taluka in Palghar. 

Motilal Oswal Foundation is working with trust run government aided schools, that provide free of cost education to the children. Due to limited funds most of the schools are in depilated condition, lacking even the basic facilities such as drinking water, sanitation, proper classrooms, science lab, etc. We realised there is an immediate need to intervene with these remote schools to save them from closing down. 

Foundation has decided to revive the educational scenario in Wada, and has started working with twenty such schools. Motilal Oswal Foundation, fuelled by its vision to create a world where every child has access to quality education, has emerged as a beacon of hope for the children of Wada. 

The transformation of The New English School has brought smiles on many children like Ekta who is featured in our latest film. Motilal Oswal Foundation has breathed new life into the school, with freshly coloured walls, well-ventilated classrooms, safe drinking water, and hygienic washrooms, creating a conducive learning environment. The foundation's commitment to quality education is exemplified through the addition of a well-equipped science lab, a portable library, and an English language lab. Recognizing the pivotal role teachers play, the foundation has also refurbished their rooms and provided training in innovative teaching methods, empowering them to deliver an enhanced learning experience.

Mrs. Suneeta Agrawal, Chairperson at Motilal Oswal Foundation, emphasized the organization's core values, stating, "Education is a primary focus of the Motilal Oswal Foundation. We firmly believe that the improved facilities at schools like The New English School will motivate teachers, parents and students to prioritize regular attendance, thereby positively impacting their health and overall learning outcomes”. 

The New English School is just one of many other Tribal schools in Wada that Motilal Oswal Foundation is assisting in rebuilding, in past we have revived B.L. Singhda Secondary school (Posheri) and Balkrishna Yadav Patil Vidyalaya (Asanas). All the schools are equipped with rainwater harvesting system also, due to which the schools have water availability throughout the year, even the villagers have benefited from it. At Asanas, the Foundation is working with zilla parishad primary schools as well and with the families of students through income generation initiatives. 

Collaborating with local communities and stakeholders, the foundation has also established the Govardhan Kaushal Vikas Kendra, an expansive skill-training centre spanning 70,000 square feet. This exceptional facility not only caters to the tribal youth and women of Palghar but also extends its reach to the neighbouring Thane districts. 

Each step taken by the foundation weaves a story of hope, resilience, and transformation, leaving an indelible impact on the lives of children, families, and communities in the heart of Maharashtra.

Motilal Oswal Foundation has collaborated to create several higher education institutions across the country. It also works for other social causes during calamities or disasters. 

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