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  • From Broker to Financial Planner Brokerage stand-alone is not going to add more value. So more important is value addition. So please, upgrade your skills, don’t think of yourself as a broker or a discounted broker. 5 years down the line, there would be 50 lakh crores of savings every year. Right now its 20 lakh crores. Most of it goes into fixed income and small savings. What share of this wallet..

  • The one thing that is constant is change. In business it’s very difficult to keep up with changes. And the pace at which things have changed is amazing. Be it products, service or technology, ‘change’ is the name of the game. So it’s upon us to capitalise on the changes around us. Accept them in the right way, and there is a definite benefit for you. I would like to share, the opportunities which ..