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  • Investors today appear to be disenchanted with equities. The reasons are not difficult to gauge. Often lay investors are drawn to equities during bull market frenzies. They simply follow the herd and bet on whatever stocks are popular, without even bothering to understand the businesses the stocks represent. They begin to wrongly equate gambling with investing. When one gamble fails to pay off, th..

  • Since its inception 25 years ago; the Motilal Oswal brand has been single mindedly focused on a brand proposition of research based advice. This execution takes the idea forward in a refreshing way. To make an intangible product like broking come alive; we have used the advisor as a tangible dimension to our service. The creative idea is to use the format of a movie trailer to present the Motilal ..

  • Why are brands so important in financial services? For one the category is fairly young. Be it banking, insurance, mutual funds or stock broking; there is a lack of knowledge among consumers about which product is better, cheaper, faster. Hence the need for trustmarks.Secondly, being intangible (with at best, a future promise of return on investment), you can’t touch/feel/enjoy financial products ..

  • Classical branding taught us about power brands that stand the test of time.Across market conditions, geographies and time.Have a good product, invest in your brand over time; and it will continue to be iconic. But in the recent past in an increasingly `instant` world; not too many technology brands seem to stand the test of time and tend to lose their aura pretty quickly. Let`s look at cars. From..

  • The Brand Challenge –the financial advertising ghetto Due to the large number of players across asset classes in the investing space; the consumer is bombarded with umpteen messages from umpteen brands. Due to the similarities of the offerings; the lines between what one brand had to offer versus the other were extremely blurred. As a result all the financial brands were seen as offering simi..

  • In financial services everything can be quantified. The amount of money you invest, the returns you get, the fee charged; everything can be neatly put into a P&L.So in such a cut and dried world; what role would branding have? After all; isn’t branding the fuzzy, subjective discipline; the role of which cannot be quantified by anyone –the consumer or the business? There is a strong role that b..