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  • Saw 3 Idiots last week. And marvelled at the way Raju Hirani has been able to string together a series of hits. Cinema that is not only meaningful; but also connects with the masses. Pretty much like big advertising ideas. Which got me thinking- what is Raju Hirani`s advertising idea? Just as advertising ideas have different executions based on a common theme; so do Raju Hirani`s films. Any ad ide..

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  • Jungle Book 10-Dec-2009 | 12:54 By Ramnik Chhabra

    There are different tricks advertisers do to make their ads more appealing and cut through the clutter. One of them is the choice of the protagonist in the advertising. First; there’s the chubby baby. Goo Goo Gaa Gaa and some chubby skin show brings out the maternal instincts of every woman viewer from 16 to 60. Even men can’t help their ‘Cho Chweet’ instincts when encountered ..

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  • The Brand Challenge –the financial advertising ghetto Due to the large number of players across asset classes in the investing space; the consumer is bombarded with umpteen messages from umpteen brands. Due to the similarities of the offerings; the lines between what one brand had to offer versus the other were extremely blurred. As a result all the financial brands were seen as offering simi..

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  • The first thing we are taught in marketing is the 4 Ps - Product Place Price Promotion.The first thing I was taught in advertising was the Trikaya Grey 5-10 plan. Everyone knows the 4Ps; but the 5-10 Plan? Whats that? This is what it is: Simply put; the 5-10 plan states that any brand communication needs to aspire towards a rating of 10.To reach the same you need to first have a strategy( or propo..

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  • Every decade throws up a period defining category. A category that hits the sweet spot where client needs, agency business and the creative product meet. A category that not only throws up hip, buzz creating, award winning work; but work that actually helps sell the product. A category whose growth,ad spends (and competition!) booms. Let`s look back at the 70s/early 80s. I`d say the defining categ..

  • Just read that Business week estimates worldwide Marketing, Advertising and Promotion spends at 1.2 trillion dollars per annum. That`s 20% higher than India`s GDP; btw. Now coming to the famous "Half of my marketing money is wasted; but I don`t know which half" quote; figuring out wasted marketing spends is a 600 billion dollar business! Marketing Efficiency experts please take..

  • In financial services everything can be quantified. The amount of money you invest, the returns you get, the fee charged; everything can be neatly put into a P&L.So in such a cut and dried world; what role would branding have? After all; isn’t branding the fuzzy, subjective discipline; the role of which cannot be quantified by anyone –the consumer or the business? There is a strong role that b..