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By Ramnik Chhabra 03-Feb-2015 | 12:15

`As the markets rose higher and higher touching newer highs backed on the optimism generated by the overall business, political and economic factors; many investors were still out of the market. This was because they are fearful that the bull run has reached its peak or perhaps because psychologically it’s difficult to enter the market at higher levels when one stayed out thinking the previous high was the highest ever it could go. Some were fearful that given that market has risen so much it would only go down from there. While some were overwhelmed by the sudden upsurge in the market and were still confused where to invest & how much to invest; others were skeptical about the market levels. One thing common amongst many of them was that they were all trying to time the market. The overarching question – ‘Is it a good time to enter the market?’
With this consumer insight Motilal Oswal Securities Ltd  embarked on the Phase 3 of the campaign which endeavored to educate the investor that while investing in equities, the time is always right. All you need to do is ‘Buy Right & Sit Tight’ 

The campaign had a new TVC using the ‘Buy Right. Sit Tight’ advertising idea with the ‘Man from Motilal Oswal’ addressing various barriers with simple messages –" The time is always right to invest in equities as long as the stocks you pick are right", "Don’t fear a 10% drop in near term because if you pick the right stocks, you could actually gain a 100% in the long term", "The greatest risk of equities is… not owning them" etc 

The campaign is currently on air on business news channels and on select movies in cinemas.

Here`s a look at the TVC