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Kishore Narne
  • Industrial metals have been on a roller coaster kind of ride in the past couple of years, falling and rising. But for nickel and aluminium multiple pressure points suggest the recent pullback in prices may not sustain. Nickel had a rough 2012, and so far it looks like 2013 will not be much better. Prices have fallen 14 per cent from the start of the year and are down 33 per cent from the peak of $..

  • Ever since the US Fed announced tapering of its ultra-loose monetary policy, the rupee has been in a downward spiral. Global funds have diverted their wealth to US markets in anticipation of the strengthening of the dollar index and better yields on US treasuries, which also happens to be a safe haven. The yields over 2% on US 10-year bonds were deemed attractive and led to a drain of capital from..

  • From the time we’ve been indulging in the financial markets, Japan has always been deep in debt, mired in deflation with weak consumer spending and low growth, despite repeated attempts by the government between 1992 and 2008 to spur the economy out of stagnation. With the seventh change in Prime Minister in six years, not much was expected out of current Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. Howeve..

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