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By Ramnik Chhabra 08-Jan-2010 | 12:55

In the stock markets some people make money. And many make mistakes.

The reason why there`s a new campaign from Motilal Oswal that helps educate investors and traders about some basic home truths of investing/trading in shares that will help avoid these mistakes.

We keep telling these truths to clients when we meet them or when we present to them. Taking it onto a broader canvas was the next logical step.

There are three films that try to drive home these truths

Film 1 tells people that there are two styles - Investing & Trading. Investing is like a test match(long term, patience, fundamentals oriented etc) while Trading is like 20-20 cricket( fast paced, quick decisions, buy-sell is momentum oriented, high risk-high return etc). Both have their role. But you need to be sure as to what your style is. We have a profiler that helps people find out just that. Which they can get done on the phone if they call us.

Film 2 highlights a common mistake many people make. Which is that they start off being investors and then somewhere let their emotions or market pressure get to them and suddenly become traders. This is a dangerous situation. Somewhat like playing a Dilscoop to a bouncer in a test match. It may come -off once; but eventually its going to hurt you. So whether you are an investor or a trader; its important to stick to your gameplan. A difficult task no doubt; but who said its easy making money.A booklet that you can write to Motilal Oswal for helps you do that.

Film 3 is targetted to traders. Traders often get so caught up in the action of trading that they forget to keep a safety net. Almost like going to bat without putting your pads and other protection on. Trading is a high-risk/high-return game. While we look forward to the high returns ; we should try to minimise the high risk as well. And that`s what Stop-Loss does. Writing to Motilal Oswal gets you a booklet on Stop Loss, how to use it and another one on how to be a successful trader. Stop Loss is the helmet that helps you face the bouncers in the market with confidence!

The films are on air since a week and have received an encouraging response.

Have a look and tell me what you think.