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By Ramnik Chhabra 08-Feb-2012 | 12:56

90% of investors lose money due  to  mistakes  made  while investing in the stock markets. We sometimes get swayed by our emotions and do not stick to our plans. That`s the reason for losses and much heartburn. Investors come to the stock market with a lot of money but no experience & they leave with a lot of experience but no money.

But what if you could learn from someone elses experience?

That`s the reason why Motilal Oswal started a unique program called `Investor ki Kahani, Usi ki Zubani`

where investors could share problems they faced while investing and get Solid Advice  to resolve those issues.

It was also a platform where investors could learn from others mistakes and hence avoid committing them. The program received an responses from more than 1000 entries nationwide.

The mistakes people make

Of the thousands of mistakes made, the major ones were in the following areas

1.Investing in too many small-cap/mid-cap stocks

2.Not knowing the difference between an Investing Portfolio and a Trading Portfolio

3.Not keeping a Stop Loss

4.Trading in F&O without understanding the nuances

We also visited cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Ahmedabad & Pune as part of the first round of seminars to educate investors and got to interact with over 2600 participants across these locations. . Some of the mistakes made were taken in the form of cases and presented at road shows in different cities. Here , attendees and viewers got not only a first hand analysis and advice on the particular mistake; they also got to voice their own and get advice on the same.

All in all an investor education programme based on real examples, providing real advice which is of real value.