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HR - The Human Touch

By Sudhir Dhar 13-Jul-2010 | 12:49

We all might have noticed that most Managers in any organization get to leadership role because they have proven their excellence as individual contributors in their areas of operations and specializations. But same time not many of them have had any formal or structured orientation to managing people, even some may have not attended any management program informally. As we all know still it is people in the organization who build organizations, achieve results, strategize for growth and bring about change.

It is well know thing “ people leave their boss not company” thus it is important for all line managers to have that capability of understand their people better. An employee walk to office every day with an initiation that he is going to work for that day, now it depends on the boss is he able makes sure that employee contributes to the organization goal. It has been seen that employee will perform best when they are in their best of “Mood”.

New to management or a seasoned professional, is how they can manage mood of their employees so that their performances can increases continuously assuming that they has required KSA for the assigned role.

Mostly, we all as managers view the employee as economic employee who works for money or salary, I feel all managers should treat the employee as human being having economic, social and psychological needs. Thus, human resource management in not only the responsibility of the HR department it is responsibility of all reporting manger.

-Sudhir Dhar, Sr VP - HR, Motilal Oswal Financial Services