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HR - The Human Touch

By Sudhir Dhar 09-Dec-2010 | 12:50

As an organization we all focus on our products and business. But apart from being known for its business it is very important for every organization to be recognized as a people-oriented company. We must remember that products cease to have an existence without people to create, market and support them.

Each organization should be respected for its intrinsic belief in people. Understanding employees and knowing their satisfaction levels is very important for the sustainability of the company. Conducting employee satisfaction surveys is one of the most common and popular methods of understanding the pulse of the organization.

Studies show that organizations make improvements upto 10 percent annually in overall employee satisfaction scores, provided that persistent efforts are made to improve HR systems and culture. While 100 percent employee satisfaction scores may be unheard of in the Indian industry, organizations who have consistently worked on improving their HR systems and culture could have satisfaction scores ranging from 60 percent to 80 percent. 

However, if the organization does not communicate the results of a survey or does not act on the key concerns of employees, subsequent surveys often show lower scores. Thus, measurement or diagnosis is only the first step. It must be followed up with significant efforts to address the key areas of concern indicated by the survey, to build a better workplace.