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Ramnik Chhabra
  • THE TIME IS ALWAYS RIGHT 03-Feb-2015 | 12:15

    `As the markets rose higher and higher touching newer highs backed on the optimism generated by the overall business, political and economic factors; many investors were still out of the market. This was because they are fearful that the bull run has reached its peak or perhaps because psychologically it’s difficult to enter the market at higher levels when one stayed out thinking the previous hig..

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  • THE TIME IS NOW! 06-Jun-2014 | 15:07

    In the past 3 months, the Indian stock markets have given steller returns. The Sensex and Nifty have reached all time highs. Infact in the month of May, India has emerged as the world’s top performing stock market. 1. India to see a majority government after three decades: India has decisively voted BJP-led NDA to power at the center. Looking at the enormity of the mandate given to BJP and its all..

  • MISSION: SAVE THE INVESTOR 07-Nov-2013 | 18:42

    Investors today appear to be disenchanted with equities. The reasons are not difficult to gauge. Often lay investors are drawn to equities during bull market frenzies. They simply follow the herd and bet on whatever stocks are popular, without even bothering to understand the businesses the stocks represent. They begin to wrongly equate gambling with investing. When one gamble fails to pay off, th..

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  • The Man from Motilal Oswal 05-Nov-2013 | 18:42

    Since its inception 25 years ago; the Motilal Oswal brand has been single mindedly focused on a brand proposition of research based advice. This execution takes the idea forward in a refreshing way. To make an intangible product like broking come alive; we have used the advisor as a tangible dimension to our service. The creative idea is to use the format of a movie trailer to present the Motilal ..

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  • 90% of investors lose money due  to  mistakes  made  while investing in the stock markets. We sometimes get swayed by our emotions and do not stick to our plans. That`s the reason for losses and much heartburn. Investors come to the stock market with a lot of money but no experience & they leave with a lot of experience but no money. But what if you..

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  • A lot of mutual fund communication suffers from what I call the `middle path wallpaper syndrome`. What`s that? Taking the safe middle road to communication messaging. Smiling, happy faces....dreams being realised...childs education....daughters marriage....better lifestyle.... better home etc etc. Not just mutual funds...banks, insurance and even share broking advisory all fall in the same rut. Ki..

  • Why are brands so important in financial services? For one the category is fairly young. Be it banking, insurance, mutual funds or stock broking; there is a lack of knowledge among consumers about which product is better, cheaper, faster. Hence the need for trustmarks.Secondly, being intangible (with at best, a future promise of return on investment), you can’t touch/feel/enjoy financial products ..

  • Classical branding taught us about power brands that stand the test of time.Across market conditions, geographies and time.Have a good product, invest in your brand over time; and it will continue to be iconic. But in the recent past in an increasingly `instant` world; not too many technology brands seem to stand the test of time and tend to lose their aura pretty quickly. Let`s look at cars. From..

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  • In the stock markets some people make money. And many make mistakes. The reason why there`s a new campaign from Motilal Oswal that helps educate investors and traders about some basic home truths of investing/trading in shares that will help avoid these mistakes. We keep telling these truths to clients when we meet them or when we present to them. Taking it onto a broader canvas was the next logic..

  • Saw 3 Idiots last week. And marvelled at the way Raju Hirani has been able to string together a series of hits. Cinema that is not only meaningful; but also connects with the masses. Pretty much like big advertising ideas. Which got me thinking- what is Raju Hirani`s advertising idea? Just as advertising ideas have different executions based on a common theme; so do Raju Hirani`s films. Any ad ide..

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